Knowing How To Fold And Analyze Your Opponents

Knowing How To Fold Your Opponent

Knowing how to fold your opponents is the key to poker. During each game, it is an alternation of successes and losses. The interest is to find certain equity to be able to stay in the game. And that fairness can make it easy for you to fold your opponents.

First of all, the bluff can be a technique to make opponents fold if it is used well. A novice player will probably be afraid to put a lot of chips in a move if it is not ideal for him. Be careful, you will need to master the art of bluffing to be able to fold your opponents using this technique!

Then, it will be necessary to follow the course of the blinds to know how to raise intelligently. Without being in the bluff, a big raise will throw a cold on the table while imposing you in the blow. Let’s say the blinds are 1000/2000 and you have 10,000 chips. Your opponent has 25,000 chips and you raise before him by 3 big blinds or 6,000 chips. He has not yet spoken and will be forced to pay 2000 blinds plus the 6000 raise or 8000 chips to stay in the game or 1/3 of his stack. This raise can impress him if his game is average and force him to fold.

Finally, if your playing style is tighter, that is to say, you only play the right hands, you will have to impose yourself on the flop to fold as many opponents as possible by playing very aggressively and finally. ‘not hesitating to revive.

Several techniques are good for making your opponents fold, but you have to keep in mind certain notions such as the flaws of the bluff or the notions of raises from the blinds. Knowing how to fold your opponents is a difficult art to master but it is the key to victory.

Analyze Your Opponents

Several techniques are possible to analyze your opponents. In online tournaments, there are sometimes many rooms and you can play more than one at the same time. Watching all the players would be too tedious, and it is better to pinpoint a few. In a real tournament, observing your surroundings is crucial to be in better conditions of victory.

The main people to analyze are the two players after you. Indeed these two players will speak after you and it is important to know if they tend to fold, follow your bets, or raise regularly. It will be the opponents who will play directly after you and who will be the first to react to your bluffing techniques, for example, it is therefore interesting to determine their mode of play to succeed in making your strategies.

In the same vein as above, the player on the right is very important to study. He speaks before you unless he is lying down and you will have to follow his different play desires. You will have to understand his reactions by seeing if he tends to call, raise, etc. Likewise, it will be easier to withdraw yourself simply by following his reactions, to hide behind him and his small weaknesses without being noticed.

Finally, take a good look at people who tend to bluff. Identifying these people will allow you to dodge their future tries and keep your stack intact. If you don’t adopt this observant attitude from the start it will be difficult to stay in the game and have the lead that will lead you to victory.